Analysis of  CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) in surfaces

Control Laboratory launches the new analysis kits for surfaces in order to detect the presence/absence of coronavirus (COVID-19) in key surfaces such as switches, door handles, handrails, shopping carts, counters, workobjetcs…

What is the aim of these analyses?

The main purpose of this analysis is to check the efficacy of cleansing and disinfection protocols being carried out in several companies and department stores in order to avoid COVID-19 propagation and contagion.

Throughout these tests, our customers will ensure effective protocols which guarantee that and safe spaces for employees, clients and associates.

What analysis technique do we use?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) analyzes on the surface are performed using the PCR technique and through a RELIABLE, SIMPLE and SAFE process.

    • SIMPLE
    • SAFE

    A REALIABLE process. Since it is based on the PCR technique, the virus RNA is detected and its specificity and sensitivity level are high.

    A SIMPLE process. To perform the sample taking, no scientific or technical knowledge is required (see video).

    A SAFE process. The buffer used to collect and transport the virus keeps the virus inactivated and with no infectious abilities.

    Sample taking service

    Tentamus Group laboratories also offer a sample taking service for companies. In this case, our laboratory’s technical staff will take the sample/s needed; thus, the process speeds up as much as possible.

    > Sample taking instructions of our coronavirus detection kit (COVID-19) on surfaces

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