Analysis of CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) in water

We have developed a new test for (SARS-CoV-2) in waste water and non-drinking water in our Laboratory, a member of Tentamus.

What is the aim of these analyses?

One of the aims of this test is the early detection of possible outbreaks of COVID19 in specific populations by its detection in waste water. This monitorisation makes possible to detect the existence of asymptomatic or undetected cases in a given group, which makes it an essential tool for the control of SARS-CoV-2 in current circumstances and in the case of a second outbreak of the pandemic.

In addition to waste water, we have also developed the method for washing water, process water, bathing wates or even drinking water matrixes, which can also be useful to find relevant epidemiological information.

What analysis technique do we use?

Since it is based on the PCR technique, the virus RNA is detected and its specificity and sensitivity level are high. The method includes the filtration and centrifugation of the sample prior to the RNA analysis to eliminate interferents (solids, bacteriae, etc.). The methods finishes with the stage of virus concentration. One of the strengths of this method relies on the use of a control virus (Mengovirus) during the extraction and concentration stages that allows to learn about the reliability of the process.

Besides, the method is both qualitative and quantitative. The consumer will be informed not only about the presence/absence of the virus, but also about its concentration. Through the use of a series of data/tests, our customers will be able to follow the increase or decrease of the virus load in a given group. Therefore, it can be inferred whether the level of infection among the population is increasing or decreasing, a fact that can be vital for public authorities’ decision-making in the current scenario.

    Who is the analysis of COVID-19 in waters for?

    Those test are primarily addressed to companies and public/private institutions linked to water management (e.g. urban wastewater treatment plants, water management companies. etc.).

    However, we believe that this service would also be of potential interest to any kind of company willing to know whether there is infected people among the staff.

    Sample taking service

    Tentamus Group laboratories also offer a sample taking service for companies. In this case, our laboratory’s technical staff will take the sample/s needed; thus, the process speeds up as much as possible.

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